Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Last Little Bit, A Bump Plumps

I thought I'd put together a photo journal of the past six weeks. I think the photos can reflect changes where words sometimes fail. It's been both an exciting and difficult time. I continue to struggle with the loss of my mother, but am trying to focus on the little joys that occur every day. Thank you to everyone that reached out with kind words in response to my last post. I was encouraged and deeply touched to receive so much love

Nick and I work opposite schedules. So on Memorial day we enjoyed a day off together by visiting Chicago's Botanical Garden with our good friends and their adorable daughter. 

  Bump @ 18 weeks!

Anastasia flying high at the Botanical Gardens.

Super cutie family. 

We celebrated our 8 (together) and 2 (married) year anniversary.

Bump @ 21 Weeks!

Nick celebrating another happy year together. Me jealously eyeing his adult beverage (not pictured).  

Construction in the bedroom=slumber party in the living room! 
Alphie smiles. 

Asa hates the paparazzi! 

Nick has been working extremely hard all summer. And we really needed a break together. So we decided to take an extra long weekend and spend the 4th of July with his family in Michigan. 

4th of July fireworks. 

The best smile. 

Sights on our long walks.

Nick with his dad and sister. 

Sweet Darla

Bump @ 24 weeks! 


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