Friday, July 18, 2014

Finding Out the Ninja Baby's Gender

Ninja Baby Profile

It's an interesting concept, finding out the gender of your baby. Our parent's and grandparents had to wait until the baby was born. Now we have all this insane technology that can measure the baby's bones, see inside the brain, heart and stomach. Many people I know have decided to forgo having their baby's gender revealed for a surprise at birth. I get this. And waiting is even more appealing when you add on top the unnecessary (in my opinion) pigeonholing that happens as soon as the gender is revealed. 

But for me there has been another piece of the story. For the first four months of my pregnancy I put all of my thought and energy into the well-being and then the loss of my mother. Most of the time not really even remembering I was pregnant. And for the past month, I have been all consumed about the pregnancy, always unsure of how it's progressing and if I'm making the right choices. Finding out the baby's gender felt like a grounding experience. Something that I can know about our baby. Something that can connect me. 

It has become somewhat of a joke in our house. Several peeks at the baby through ultrasound and the baby's legs have always been crossed.  Ninja is stubborn we say. (And I wonder to myself, are we already creating an identity for them?) This week we had our fourth ultrasound and the baby's legs were crossed again! But with two ultrasound technicians that were as patient and encouraging as possible and a bit of walking around, the baby finally revealed themselves! Baby Ninja is a girl. Not only is baby Ninja a girl, she is in the 58% for her size. I felt so grateful and relieved. I knew that I would be happy with either gender, and I am. It's such a strange feeling, but a lovely type of strange. Welcome baby Ninja, you are loved and you are perfect just as you are. 



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