Sunday, February 16, 2014

Blog Writing // For Those That Asked

Inspiration station: caffeine and Buddhism

Since I started my blog a few people have spoken or messaged me expressing hopes to write their own blogs.  This is my attempt at sharing what I've learned (so far). When I started my blog I had an idea of what I did and didn't want. Below are my thoughts about what I decided is important. I think if you write, in any format, it would benefit you to think about how you want to represent yourself.  

1. I do not want to be negative. Not that it is all rainbows and sunshine over here. In fact it is quite regularly the opposite.  I don't think I paint everything with a rose colored brush.  I just don't focus on the negative. Negativity feeds negativity. And for me, I want to put positive thoughts back into the universe and into my life. 

2. Be myself. A good friend told me that reading my blog was like actually talking to me. Huge compliment. I know myself. I'm not a formal person with perfect writing skills, or an all the time energetic, bubbly person. There is nothing wrong with those qualities, they just aren't me. It's hard not to want to be liked when you put yourself out there. But I think it can be obvious (even in writing) when we are not our genuine selves. So, again, huge compliment.

3. Be kind. Writing that sparks good conversation is often controversial. A well written piece can really push peoples buttons. I have strong opinions and I want to stay true to that. But I also know my audience, and they are not random strangers. They are my family and friends. I never want to alienate someone I love. So it's kind of a balancing act for me.

4. Inspiration.  I suggest going with what you're interested in, not what you think others might want to read. I think this connects back to number two, be yourself. I've read some people keep a note book of ideas or do writing exercises to explore their interests. This may help you. Although ideas may not always be flowing, I tend to wait for one to come on it's own. But my motivation is not to make this my job, it's an outlet and way of connecting.  Professional bloggers work hard and spend hours a day on social media. If that's your end game be prepared to work. 

In the conversations that sparked this post I heard a bunch of different ideas and I love how each seemed to reflect the individual person. The suggestions above are what work for me. They may change, as I change. And you may find your inspiration leads you in a totally different direction. But whoever you are, and whatever you want to do, go for it.

PS.  If anyone would like to do a guest post on my blog please shoot me a message. I'd love to collaborate.


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