Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Escaping Old Man Winter, Part 2

Here is the second installment of photos from Puerto Rico. If you like these you can see the first set of photos and description of the vacation here.

He is a lot of fun.

This baby sheep and a rooster (not pictured) woke me every morning. 


Pedro, the restaurant's dog. 

I like how this digital picture turned out looking like over exposed film.

This cutie just walked on into our open door to check out the place. 

Front door of our cottage. 

Pretty eyed stray. 

Nick in Old San Juan.

Cobalt brick streets of Old San Juan.

Old San Juan was a the earliest Spanish settlement in Puerto Rico. The island is surrounded by fort walls. Here you can see the wall with large metal spikes. 
We didn't make it around even a 1/3 of the island because we had to make our flight. But I'd love to have spent more time exploring the forts on the island and eating Spanish tapas.

This kitty and her friends were all over in old San Juan. 

Last photo before we headed off to the airport.

Now I am home. As fun as the vacation was, the feeling of being happy to be home is even better.  I love being back to a place of appreciation. I lost that a bit (or a lot) before our trip. I think vacation has a way of putting some things in perspective. If you come home feeling refreshed and ready for life you're doing something right. If you come back with dread it may be time for a change (in my experience).  



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