Monday, January 13, 2014

2013, A Year of Questions, Anxiety and Love

This past year has had it's ups and downs. And as a result occasionally I've needed some help. Help starting my business. Help managing my anxiety. Help navigating the ups and downs that make up life. I'm sure I've always needed help with these things (truly I know that we all do). But this year, my year, I have been able to recognize it.  And once I did so many people (and animals) have come to be by my side. In response I have tried to give my love openly and freely to those who need it. Just as all of you amazing people have given to me. I know, that's mushy, blah and barf. Regardless of sickening sentiment, I am so grateful.

Here's to 2013, my year. And may 2014 be yours.



Here are some of my favorite moments of 2013. The pictures are from my camera, cellphone, Instagram and Facebook, please excuse the differences!



 I have been saving this turtle face gem. 

Dog bed fail. 

 Asa in the joint.
Asa tastes freedom. 

7/1 Years Anniversary!

Tiny Friend


Alphie and Asa

We grew these! 

Creepy ally way art plus Nick.

Two beauties. 



Joey and Alphie are good buds. 

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