Sunday, November 17, 2013

New York, I Love You

I can't believe it's November already. It's getting cold here in Chicago, which has me dreaming of summer. Thinking back to this summer a few of my favorite memories were made when my lovely friend Lesley and I visited New York City. Our trip mostly consisted of walking, eating, randomly riding bikes illegally through Central Park, resting, walking and eating more. This was the third time I've visited NYC and I love it more each time. Here are a few pictures of some of the awesomeness that NYC has to offer.

The Little Owl ( As I sat there many, many people took my picture. I thought I was finally discovered. Turns out this building was used as the cafe front in the "Friends" television show. 

View of NYC atop of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET).

Lesley and I just hanging out on top of the MET. No big deal. Just kidding, this was awesome!

Anselm Keifer, "Bohemian Lies by the Sea". (close up)

Lesley checking out Anselm Keifer's "Bohemian Lies by the Sea". (panned view)

Chuck Close, "Lucas I". (close up)

Chuck Close, "Lucas I". (panned view)

Andy Warhol, I think it's named "Shaped", but I am not sure.

Delicious lunch on the go. 

Lesley on the High Line (
The High Line is an old freight rail line converted in to a beautiful walkway in Chelsea.

Pretty flowers on the High Line.

Yummy beverage at The Spotted Pig.

Lunch at The Spotted Pig. (

 Lesley at Roberta's in Brooklyn.

Lesley and me. Our smiles mask sadness that our meal is over.

Zen Butter ice cream (Peanut butter ice cream with toasted sesame seeds) 
at China Town Ice Cream Factory-Totally worth the hike. 

Random metal art. 

Pretty blue door plus me. 

Coffee and almond croissant at Zibetto Espresso Bar.

Lesley at  Sake Bar Decibel (

Me also at Sake Bar Decibel.

Oh, I love you New York City. Until next time.



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