Sunday, October 13, 2013

Breath In, Breath Out

Alphie and Asa helping me show Nick my new yoga moves!

I have been taking introduction to yoga at a local studio. Introduction is the place I must begin. I have always known that I am not flexible. I could never touch my toes in high school gym, or at least it hurt pretty badly when I tried.  Many months ago I attempted to go to a higher level class with two dancer friends. They made yoga look like a beautiful flowing art. I tumbled, strained and wobbled my way through the class. As much as my body hurt during the class, it was nothing compared to the pain I experienced the week following.

So anyway, I'm trying again. I'm not giving up just yet! Last night in class the instructor was helping us work on our breathing. When she described breathing in; she said "breathing in is like accepting what we need from the world". Breathing out she said was "like letting go of things we no longer need".  Ka-boom, these simple statements struck me hard. Acceptance and letting go are things in my personal life I have been working very hard at doing.  So I decided to come home and contemplate what I consciously wanted to accept into my life and what needed to be let go.   Below my yoga pics is the list, in all of its glory.

We've got the moves.
(Not the best pics, but so cute.)

Asa checking out my pug leggings. He's suspicious.

Alphie being the good guy he is and standing aside. 

Breathing in; accepting what I need from the world:

1. Compliments. I will not diminish myself by turning down a compliment. I will graciously accept any positivity sent my way.

2. Help. As difficult as it is to accept help it's even harder to ask for help.

3. Loving messages. I will be present and notice when my dogs greet me with love, my neighbor says hello and my partner reaches for my hand. I have a tendency to be about twenty steps ahead in my mind. I miss things.

Breathing out; letting go of what I no longer need:

1. Clutter. Specifically getting rid of clutter and not accumulating more. I saw a picture on Pinterest recently that said "Have Less, Do More".  I'd like to do more.

2. Negativity. Specifically negativity I absorb due to everyday less than positive interactions. Examples might be Asa pee's the floor, someone bumps into me on the sidewalk or I miss my train. The negative feelings associated with these events I really, truly do not need.  It would be so freeing if in the moment I was able to see that holding onto negativity for even a minute is a waste of time

3. Being self-righteous about comfort. I am still blown away by this concept. Check out my thoughts in the previous post "Part Beauty and Part Discomfort". I think part of my continued fascination can be contributed to readers comments, which have only intrigued me further.

Phew, that was a hefty list. What would your list look like?




  1. Has Chris showed you his new version of accepting a compliment? It's awesome. :)

  2. No! But I could use some tips. I'm sure his version has some sass attached.

  3. I could really use the breathing out. I have a really hard time letting things go and definitely could use to get rid of some negativity. I find that one of the hardest things to do in my life is letting go of always trying to be in control of things. Maybe I should try yoga!

  4. Josh, we could do yoga together!

  5. Yoga--another thing I'd like to add to the list of Things I Want to Do with Mariah! Xo

    1. Anytime L! You know you rank in my top favs.